Job Search Workshop Notes

Workshop Notes

Job Search Workshop Notes

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Job hunting is a challenging task even in the best of times. It becomes even more challenging when the economy is in a slump and there are fewer jobs available with more people competing for them. This requires the job hunter to become more creative and use all the tools and resources available to them in order to be more efficient and effective.

This set of notes is from the workshop we present to Job Search candidates. They cover each component of the job search process including the self-assessment, developing collateral materials, locating employers and hiring managers, submitting solicited and unsolicited job applications, interview preparation, execution and follow, negotiating the job offer and, finally, what to do during the first 90 days on the job to ensure success and advancement in the position. These notes explore each topic in detail, provide examples of the concept being presented and contain other resources such as exercises to personalize the topic and templates for your resume, cover letter and job application.

I’d recommend that you also download the Free Job Workshop slides to accompany these notes.  The slides will provide you a summary of the notes and are good for a quick review during the job search process.

If you feel you’d like to explore these topics in more detail, you should consider attending one of our LIVE Workshops in which we discuss the components of the Job Search process in detail, review each topic, provide real examples of how to employ these tools and techniques and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, if you prefer the personal touch, we’re available for One-on-One coaching for your Job Search process.  This provides you the opportunity to have your job search collateral materials reviewed, discuss your employment objectives, get help with areas where you may be struggling such as interview preparation and address any other aspects of your job search process.  This services is customized to your specific needs.


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