Terms and Conditions

We take your commitment to advancing your job search seriously and we are very excited and honored to help you with the tools and processes that have helped others to generate results to advance their career. To help us have a clear start, here are the terms and conditions for you to accept with your purchase. We are looking forward to working with you.

Once you have remitted payment, Employment Assistance will reach out to you within 24 hours of payment with the specific follow-up work pertaining to your purchase. Thank you so much for choosing Employment Assistance as your job search advancement partner. We appreciate your business and confidence.

It is our policy to work with you until you are satisfied with your products and services. We take client satisfaction very seriously. Let us know what we need to do to make you a happy with your purchases to ensure we accomplish that goal.

The clients of Employment Assistance have an excellent record of landing positions and advancing their careers. However, Employment Assistance offers no guarantees to its clients of landing a job or promotion as a result of using our services. For all services purchased, it is imperative for you, the client, to know that it is a collaborative process between us. In making this purchase, you agree to perform suggested activities and required follow-up to advance your job search and to improve your results. The client acknowledges and understands that while Employment Assistance is very committed to our client’s success, we cannot guarantee it.

As the client, you are responsible for finalizing your career documents’ completeness and accuracy before submitting to job applications and emailing colleagues with your documents. We are not liable for any injury or damage caused by omissions, false statements, or other inaccuracies. We will work with you through the document edit phase to make this finalization and proofreading process smooth, but it is ultimately your responsibility to review and finalize your documents.

All documents and coaching services are considered completed within 90 Days of purchase date.

For any scheduled appointments (workshops, informational interview calls, coaching calls or follow-up calls), please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to make a call. Without notice, the scheduled call can count towards the allotted calls for your purchased service.

All Sales Are Final. As the client, you agree that in paying for any product and/or service, that you agree that all aspects of the creation of all products and services offered on this site, including the processes necessary to craft the product and deliver the service to you, constitute a set of creative products and services. As such, you agree that all payments for all such creative products and services are final. By remitting payment, you acknowledge and accept these terms & conditions in their entirety.

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